The DRx Clinic – The Biggest Misconception about DRx Clinic!!


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The DRx Clinic
302 Orchard Road
#16-01 Tong Building
Singapore 238862
Tel: 6733 1555

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Oh yes, you read the title right… I am going to share the BIGGEST misconception many has of The DRx Clinic! Before I jump into that topic, I want to show off my very pretty Dr Yanni and her chic new office. I’ve always enjoyed meeting Dr Yanni for she is really friendly and fun. She also has superb memory for she can always remember what we’ve spoken on the last appointment and continue where we left. =]



I have sensitive skin especially on my cheeks area thus the reddish. Many envy me for the “natural blusher” but when I perspire, it gets really itchy. I was out the entire day for an outdoor event thus the reddish and sensitivity, which is why Dr Yanni prescribed me with a Hydrator to ease the itch and reduce the reddness.



On top of my usual regime, I will be adding one more step for the next 2 weeks till the reddness and itch stops.

Hydrator (35ml) S$70.00: Hydrator is a light moisturiser and helps hydrate and condition the skin while protecting collagen from being broken down. The correct way to apply Hydrator on your skin is to simply apply it onto your skin and NOT rubbing it excessively. If you keep rubbing, bubbles will form and it means you are doing it the wrong way. Simply apply it and let your skin absorb naturally.

The BIGGEST Misconception about The DRx Clinic:

It’s very expensive right?

I heard, the products are super expensive yes?

The 2 commonly heard and asked questions. I have clearly stated each products that were prescribed to me along with their prices HERE. If you are referring expensive as in the initial sum that is used to pay for consultation and products, then yes… maybe you will find it a little costly BUT it really depends on individual skin condition. Some might pay only S$100ish while others pay S$200-450 and more?


I’ve recently took a short break at the gorgeous Montigo Resort in Batam and took along with me my trusty travel companions as shown in the picture above. I want you take a close look at each product shown under the natural sunlight. Notice the amount left in each of them? I’ve started using these since my 1st visit to The DRx Clinic in early June 2013. It’s nearly 3 months since I 1st started using these and notice the amount left in each bottle?? I am VERY CERTAIN the amount left can easily last me for another month-ish? 

I use each of these products at least twice a day and as you can see from my previous blog post, these products cost S$579 in total. I have used them for about 3 months now and still have plenty left for the 4th month so if you divide S$579 / 4 months = S$144.75 per month for 7 products!! I’ll say its totally affordable and with such amazing skin results, where to find?? The skin don’t lie and in time, all will be revealed. I HIGHLY and STRONGLY recommend my Dr Yanni to you, call 6733 1555 and give your skin a chance to glow beautifully!

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