Modgam Modgam where have you been?


No, I did not stop blogging but I have been on a hiatus because my new place is here! *pops confetti*

Please stalk me over at my Instagram @modgam… for now.

It has been very very VERY tiring yet rewarding. 

Nothing like seeing my new place coming together.




I’m replacing those plaster-like stickers with something else say triangle and circles? This sketch-up is just an initial discussion and plenty have been amended since.

Juz Interior is super awesome because they decorated the living room up with things I love. They used the pictures I’ve sent them to recreate so I can visualize better. #somuchlove


A whole home room for all my babies; accessories, MORE MORE accessories, a crazy load of bagsss, sunnies etc… basically my happy hideout.

My vanity closet.

“I like my money where I can see it… hanging in my closet” ~ Carrie Bradshaw








  Of geometric, colours and arts.

+ a whole lot of packing and unpacking…

so much to do, so little time…

I can’t wait for everything to be completed…

my memphis haven.

Alter Ego @ Esplanade

alter ego singapore

You know how there is a little Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in everyone? Or rather in this case, between eating clean and sinful? Like maybe I’ll have salad and then go for a dark chocolate cake afterwards because it’s ok since I’ve eaten little/healthier earlier? You might remember the irresistible and healthy poke bowls…


Ninja Cut at Seah Street

the ninja cut

Former Power 98FM DJ, Darren Wee, is the owner and the ninja behind Ninja Bowl. His latest venture, Ninja Cut, focus more on premium meats such as aburi chashu roulade, succulent roasted ribeye, curried beef cheek, all day brunch menu and more! The healthy indulgence! The fuss-free convivial dining concept sees customers placing their orders at…


Misconceptions of Bloggers


799 blogposts since 2012! Woah, I didn’t know I had that many blog posts published. I started blogging about my personal life, thoughts and I guess many of us started from a personal blog too? I’ve hidden some of the private posts because then when I started, it was mostly for my friends and family. So…