Gudetama Cafe Singapore: eggggggg-tremely cute dishes opens today!

gudetama cafe sg

After making its round in Hong Kong with Gudetama Dim Sum to Gudetama Japanese Curry to Gudetama meals at McDonalds, it has finally arrived in Singapore with its very own café at Suntec City! How EGG-citing is this? After trying both the Gudetama in HKG, I can tell you the ones in Singapore tasted better!

Thanks to Clara of I was able to attend the private media preview. We were thrilled to step into the café for it’s filled with adorable Gudetama items, tables, eggshell seats and intimate egg-shaped booths!

Gudetama Cafe Singapore opens to the public today, but be prepared to wait among the long queues for everyone is in love with this super adorable lazy egg!

gudetama cafe sg

gudetama cafe sg

Gudetama Café Singapore is a joint venture between two local food brands, The Soup Spoon and Joe & Dough. Together they team up with popular local bento artist, Shirley Wong, also known as Littlemissbento creating a series of eggggggg-tremely cute dishes! Your camera will be”eating first” for sure!

I am also in love with the localised captions they have on the dishes such as ‘Nua’ (lazing) and ‘Bo Chup’ (could not care less).

gudetama cafe sg

If you are wondering are all these adorable dishes as tasty as they look, read on and I’ll share them with you. I did not manage to try everything on the menu (SHUCKS) but I’m positive I will be heading back again! Just because tooooo cute and the food really not too bad. 

Gudetama cafe sg

For mains, I enjoyed the Rib-“I” Don’t Care S$28.50 the most for it is well executed! Our medium done NZ Angus grass-fed steak was juicy topped with creamy wild mushroom sauce, grilled vegetables and a ‘nua’ potato mash! LOVE!

The Truffle Fries in a Cone S$16.50 was addictive especially when you dip into the slightly spicy sriracha dips and when it gets a little too spicy for me, I went for the garlic aloli dip. Yums!

gudetama cafe sg

I really wanted to try this ‘I’m Cold’ egg benedict but this cutie is only available for the breakfast menu! 

gudetama cafe sg

Our Eggcited Cajun Chicken with Waffles S$23.90 is not too bad for the grilled chicken was rather tasty but the waffle, a little too soft. Not my favourite for the night.

gudetama cafe sg

There were only 2 of us thus we couldn’t finish everything but I will be coming back for you Gudetama Lobster Onsen S$16!


From top left we have the Shoyu Ramen S$21.50 looking nothing like a dessert but a hot bowl of ramen as the name suggest. To my surprise it is actually a chocolate mousse cake with Feuilletine, chestnut Mont Blanc, early grey jelly and orange tuile! The “tofu” is actually panna cotta! HOW CREATIVE! Top left bottom is the very cute Ta-Ma-Go S$17.90 sushi cheesecakes coated with rice puffs! 

gudetama cafe sg

Our favourite dessert of the night goes to Gude Pudding S$16.90 for the overall taste goes so well together. The caramel flan with vanilla soft serve and the apply crumbles together with the caramelized bananas! Me want more!


The cakes are cute but my favourite are the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake S$8.50 and the Citrus Pan S$7.50 maybe cos chocolate.

Gudetama Café Singapore

Suntec City Mall #01-361/362/363/364 (West Wing)

3 Temasek Boulevard

Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 8am – 10pm (Fri – Sun)

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